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It’s almost a month now that I am working for Guias y Baquianos and I have to say that my stay in Santa Marta  is beating the Carnival in Brazil!! I absolutely LOVE  interacting with tourists, and learning about their way of travelling, planning etc. I met some super awesome people..the only ‘downside’ is that I am going out basically every night because every day there are tourists coming back from one tour or from another who are happy to be back in civilisation and want to get smashed and rumbiar!!!:)

However I have to say since David Steinig left Santa Marta I am going out a bit less..

The people I am working with are just unbelievably kind sweet and they love me:)

This is how a normal working day looks like:

I work from 9ish till 7pm..have a 3 hours lunch break that I am spending like this:

or this:

or this:

And once I night looks like this:

or this:

I get paid around £7 /day and I get free accommodation, occasionally food and drinks and obviously free tours worth at least $300 each.

So therefore I did my diving licence (Padi open water, Nautilus diving school is highly recommended), I went to Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas (the northest part of South America, amazing lobster) and I am going up to the Lost City one more time next week.

A few pics on the programs above:

The plan is the following..I’ll leave Santa Marta on the 17th of August, then visit Cartagena, Medellin, Salento, Bogota and it’s surroundings. I’ll fly to Los Angeles on the 7th of September and from LA to Auckland on the 8th.

I’ll update my South American part with one more post on the places above and then….new chapter…I don’t think I am ready to leave this continent but I don’t think I ever will be so I just need to do it.

Hey by the way I heard a lot of promises from you on ‘joining in’ somewhere….I shall remind you I am half way I look forward to travelling with you guys a bit! Take those holidays off!;-)

Besitos a todos!